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3D Crystal Faceted Tapered Tower

A tower of crystal faceted on the sides and back, this free-standing piece is a modern award that can be personalized for your top performers. The facets catch and reflect the light lending a dramatic effect to this understated elegance.

This unique diamond shaped crystal is mounted to a black base, creating a truly elegant award that can be personalized for your event.

Diamond Black

This freestanding solid crystal tower is a stunner. It has a lot of high end tech going on in the form of diamond cut facets, a well engineered base and cleverly designed aft plexiglass encasement. The crown jewel is the top mounted clear optical crystal. Powered by BizWizard ShopKart by NetSoft Studio, LLC, c & m. Copyright 2007-2023 all rights reserved. A matching pair of plaques in matching colors with matching logos are also available. A complimentary blue presentation box is the icing on the cake. A special request can be made for a one of a kind design, or you can be as creative as you like.

Diamond Clear

This modern faceted tower award is free-standing and has a beveled & faceted top, sides and back that catch and reflect light throughout the piece. It is the perfect piece to recognize top performers or milestone events.

The Diamond Clear color of this crystal tower is a beautiful shade that is sure to attract attention. This is a very popular choice for our clients who are looking for a more modern award for their recipient.

Single crystal diamond (SCD) photonics have already shown significant promise as a next-generation quantum PIC platform. However, a major challenge lies in the design of optical devices with superior performance in terms of coherence and modulation properties. In addition, the scalability of SCD based devices must be improved on all steps from diamond growth to device fabrication.

Tapered Black

The 3D Crystal Faceted Tapered Tower is an impressive free standing crystal piece, a good fit for any occasion. The faceted top, and its equally impressive black bottom make this freestanding crystal tower a sight to behold. Despite its size, this solid glass trinket is actually light enough to carry home in the company of a dozen others. Featuring the top of the line materials and construction, you can bet this one is going to last. The best part is you’ll be able to repurpose this crystal tower for years to come. The 3D Crystal Faceted Tower is available in many standard sizes, from the miniature to the mega, and will be a sure fire hit for your next event.

Tapered Clear

Stunning faceted diamonds mounted to black crystal tower for a truly elegant award. With a large area for personalization, this tapered tower is sure to be cherished by the recipient.

This octagon tower of clear and black crystal has a flat front and back with beveled facets that catch and reflect light, lending a dramatic effect to the understated elegance of this modern award. The free-standing clear tower has a tapered base and is packaged in a velvet lined gift box for added elegance.

This unique crystal award is available in 2 sizes, and can be personalized with text and/or graphics. To create your custom engraved award, click the “Create Your Own Crystal” button below to begin the customization process! After selecting a shape, you will be asked to upload your image and choose fonts & text for the engraving. If you have any special instructions, enter them in the ‘Special Instructions’ section. Once the order is placed, we will contact you to confirm your order.